Rimac Concept S supercar

Rimac's Concept S electric supercar
The Concept S has the distinctive proportions of racing cars. To harvest the maximum potential of the R-AWTV S system, the Concept S introduces an extensive aerodynamic package that enhances the downforce over 30 percent and enables higher levels of grip. An upgraded battery pack and optimised electronics, different carbon-fibre materials and lay-ups, track-oriented interior, less sound insulation and lighter seats, bring the weight down by substantial 50 kg. The reduced weight, combined with more torque, power, downforce and grip, result in a track-ready package on the highest level.

With Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires, the Concept S gets even more grip on the four most important surfaces – the contact patches between the tire and the road. The bespoke Concept S Torque Vectoring System makes sure the full potential of the tires is used when necessary. Higher adhesive forces combined with extreme aerodynamic performance unlock a new dimension and an array of possibilities for the R-AWTV system. The R-AWTV S system is optimised to harvest maximum grip and full power of the Concept S.
Rimac's Concept S electric supercar
Gaining 25 percent of power on each motor, and losing 50 kg of weight translates to a radical jump in performance. The Concept S can fire up 1384 HP through it’s wheels and translate each atom of energy efficiently into acceleration. With higher performance come higher forces. To minimalize the distractions, Concept S features a lightweight interior featuring carbon-fibre, Alcantara and lightweight alloys to reduce the weight even further. Five point racing harness and bucket seats keep the driver safe and steady while the infotainment is optimised for performance-oriented information.

Concept S is all about the driving experience. To get the car to it’s full potential, a driver's mind and soul must be focused on driving. The Concept S infotainment has all the Concept_One’s functions but it is simplified in appearance, and more track orientated. It also features two cameras in the interior, one for the road and one for the driver. To get the most out of their lap proffesional drivers analyse vehicle telemetry data. Our on-line telemetry system makes it possible to follow all the data real-time on pit walls. Alternatively, the data can be analysed on the central screen, on a smartphone or a desktop computer. You don't have to have a proffesional team to be on the highest performance level. Concept S does it for you.
source: Rimac
Watch the beauty of Concept S below:

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