Mind Games - Computer Programming Language Game for School Children

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Cubetto ia a playful wooden robot that helps young children discover computer programming. You can use it even if you can’t read yet (and there’s no screen to stare at). Write hands-on code with the blocks. Press the GO button to send your instructions.

The Cubetto Playset costs $225, but is exclusively available on Kickstarter for $149 for a limited time only. The basic pack includes the robot, board, blocks and map. We also have educational discounts for classroom packs of 4, 10 and 16 playsets.

Customs fees and taxes vary depending on the country you are in so it is recommended to check with your customs office before you become a backer. The full amount of your pledge will be reflected on the invoice in your package. There is not a refund if you reject the shipment due to customs fees.

All the resources our available for free at resources.primotoys.com.

The previous version of the Cubetto Playset was a DIY kit, and hand-assembled with laser-cut materials. The new Cubetto is a final, certified product, scalable for a global community of educators and parents, and ready for classrooms and homes all over the world. It is also bluetooth ready, which means it wirelessly connects to a virtually infinite number of devices. The first version was a product, this version is a platform.

The new Cubetto is not compatible with the old one. However, other content such as the maps and online resources can still be used with the new Cubetto.
source: http://www.primotoys.com/

Watch how does it work.

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