Supermotard-ZERO DSR and FXS - 2016

2016 Zero FXS: under construction at the Zero factory in Scotts Valley, California
FXS enjoys a more efficient powerplant to the tune of 10 percent more range, and the ability to go harder for longer without tripping the thermal cutback system. Power is 27 horsepower. Range with the full 6.5 kWh of batteries on board is quoted as 90 city miles, or 37 highway miles at 70mph. As a motard, it's got street wheels and tires - 17-inch cast wheels straight from the S-model parts bin, as opposed to the 21-inch and 18-inch spoked wheels on the FX. Tires are Pirelli Diablo Rosso II sports hoops, and the front suspension has an inch and a half less travel - although it's still 3/4 of an inch more than the S streetbike gets.

One of the hidden benefits of electric propulsion is that there's almost no vibration from the motor. Couple that with the belt drive, and the two major sources of footpeg vibration are gone altogether. That means everything you feel through your feet is information about the road, with almost no noise clouding the signal.
2016 Zero FXS: on the cliffs of Santa Cruz, California
The FXS also ships with standard Bosch Gen 9 ABS - another curious inclusion for a supermoto.
FXS is a fine and fast bike that's quick in the corners - but it lacks the lawless, feral edge you expect from a supermoto. It's also going to be a strong contender as a short range fleet bike for police, security and other professional use cases that can take advantage of its swappable battery packs to keep bikes on the road round the clock.

Either way, as the market leader in performance electrics, Zero is slowly re-writing what it means to be a motorcycle for the coming electric age. It's a pleasure and a privilege to watch this company develop.

Watch the video below:

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