Balluga: The World's Smartest Bed - Smart Bed Mattress With Sleeping Massage and Anti-snoring

Never have a bad night’s sleep again - Balluga sets your ideal temperature, gives you the perfect support and even stops you snoring

Balluga creates your ideal sleeping conditions to provide you with your best night’s sleep, every night. Balluga is the first truly smart bed that manages your total sleep experience in real-time, by monitoring your body’s vital statistics and adjusting its firmness, support and temperature to match your chosen settings throughout the night.

Balluga’s patented layers of air spring cells will ensure your bed remains as new and will not compress or sag over time. No more rolling into the middle dip of the bed, or hanging onto the sides of your mattress.

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Balluga's design ethos will help to maintain your bedroom's ambience by integrating all its technology within the bed to ensure it is invisible and silent during use.

 Balluga's active suspension system monitors the pressure that your body places in different zones of the mattress. The air pressure is automatically increased or decreased in each zone, to ensure that your body and spine are always correctly supported.

Balluga's suspension allows you to alter the firmness of your mattress every time you use it. This feature is available to use independently for each side of our double mattresses.

A steady stream of air will keep your body at its optimum temperature throughout the night. Individual temperature levels can be set for each side of the mattress so no more arguing with your partner about who might be hogging the sheets, or waking up to kick them off.

Pressure point vibro massage system will relax your muscles and allow you to drift to sleep or gently vibrate to wake you up in the morning. The massage system can also be preset to automatically shut down at a number of preset times.

App is compatible for use on iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. Alternatively you can control the bed using our wireless touch screen control unit.

Balluga's integrated sleep monitoring sensors are able to obtain a number of your vital statistics like your body temperature, heart rate and  even your room temperature. All this data can be analyzed and passed on to our active air suspension, temperature control and vibro massage systems, to automatically adjust them in real time to create your ideal sleep experience.

Balluga's anti-snoring technology will save you from being kept awake, or being kicked awake! Balluga's built in sound sensor will automatically detect the sound wave patterns of snoring. The air suspension sections below your head will then raise or lower your pillow until the snoring has stopped.

An external movement sensor and built in LED lighting system can provide you with night-time illumination for when you need to get up in the dark of night.
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