Tag4Name-Smart contact list for iPhone

Not remembering names and a huge unorganized contact list prevents you from increasing your social & professional network? Try Tag4Name !

Contact lists were invented to help you to store and retrive all your contact data. With globalization the number of contacts has been increased tremendously.

With the introduction of smart phones, lots of apps have been created and introduced to organize and give better access to your contact list. All of them, in one way or another, use a grouping technique to organize your contact list. To use those Apps you must remember the contact names or group names. Because of this you need to keep and maintain a tidy contact list and keep the number of contacts as minimum as possible to be able to handle it.

Tag4Name  is a revolution in this area. You don't need to organize your contact list and keep it tidy to be able to find your contacts. Its time to say goodbye to traditional contact list!
Tag4Name is a smart contact list which is based on Tags. You may recall situations in which you asked yourself:

  •  What is the name of the guy who works in company x ?
  •  What is the name of the taxi driver we met in London?
  •  What is the name of the girl in the economy seminar in Germany?
  •  What is the name of the head of the engineering department?
  •  ... 

In all these situations you had a clue about the person you were looking for, but you could not recall their names!

Tag4Name is designed to search contacts based on the clues you have. For example, you search for 'taxi driver', it will show you all the contacts that you tagged as 'taxi driver' in your contact list.

Tag4Name automatically connect contacts to each other based on their tags and create your networks.
With Tag4Name :

  • You can tag a name or group of names with whatever words you want.
  • No need for organizing your contact list
  • No need to be afraid of having a huge unmanageable contact list 
  • It is easy to find any contact in your list
  • No need to remember names
  • It is easy to create different networks without any effort 

Just drop the names in your contact list and tag them with words that are important for you.
Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/

Check the video for demonstration:

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