GDC-The Green Driving Challenge

MyClubEco is a company driven by an environmental mission. Based in Virginia and Washington, DC, the mission of MyClubEco is to protect the environment and help slow climate change with our product, the Green Driving Challenge.

GDC is an eco-driving game with the mission to reduce emissions and save you money. Think Fitbit for your driving.

GDC is unlike any other app or game currently on your mobile device. GDC has all of the elements of a game, including earning points, working as a team, and competing with friends. However, GDC doesn’t stop in the virtual world. By eco-driving, most GDC players will reduce their vehicle emissions by 5 to 25%. That difference can really help slow climate change, and cut costs on gas!
With scientific evidence indicating that climate change is accelerating, GDC addresses an urgent environmental and social problem. Despite growing concerns about climate change, little is being done to engage the public to help address the problem. GDC provides people with a way to take meaningful action and get engaged in the wider battle to slow climate change.
Players download a mobile eco-driving app and plug a data logger (OBD scanner) into their vehicle to record location, trip time, distance, fuel used, speed, and engine RPM. This information is sent to our database, where it is analyzed and then presented to you on our website in the form of maps and easily grasped statistics, such as your average miles per gallon (MPG). Players will also be able to compare themselves to other users and see how they're doing in the monthly race to win top eco-driving recognitions.

While GDC is a game that you technically play in your car, it is safe. To get points, you have to eco-drive, which requires paying attention to the road at all times. Players do not look at their mobile device while they drive. Their phone or tablet simply collects data on driving style, and players can see how they did after they finish the trip. The real winning occurs when you see how much money you're saving on gas, and how many pounds of CO2 you're reducing.

Check the video here:

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